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Let's get fucked up and die

everything will be alright





June 12th, 2007

the fountain

so far this movie has successfully made me cry every time i've watched it

it's probably the want to have someone love me as much as tommy loves izzy.....

it's not worth all this suffering
it's not worth all this sadness
it's not worth the frustration

but i won't give it up...what the hell is wrong with me

December 30th, 2006



life.......scoff scoff angst

August 26th, 2006

disco pigs

eternal sunshine
Runt: What's the color of love, Pig?

Pig: What sort of love, love?

Runt: Don't know. But you know the way things, they got a color. I wonder what the color of love is.

Pig: Jesus, Runt. You could read a thousand think books and never know the answer to that quiz.

Runt: It's be a good one to know, ah?

Pig: It'd be brilliant, Runt. It's around here somewhere.

July 24th, 2006

tonight goes as follows

tank girl
tried to get into a bar because Joel said he could do it...and promised it would be "no big deal". we get to the bar, he walks in and leaves us three stranded....tina = pissed off

go back to the house, have anothe beer and listen to punks debate. someone calls someone else a "drifter" she gets pissed and leaves...more debating ensues.

joel comes back and i stare him down, tell him how pissed i am and proceed to ignore him. he then comes over to me (while i'm sitting down) and tries to put his head up my skirt while apologizing. i'm not gonna have it, so i slap the shit out of him. he says "sorry sorry sorry...name the resturaunt, i'll take you out for dinner sometime" WELL FUCK YOU BUDDY! you just tried to molest me AFTER you fucking ditch us at the bar...i think not. so i spit on him. i then proceed to get kicked out of the house. fuck this...i'm leaving. i call up daryl, and try to decide if i'm in the wrong. he says no, so i let it go. then i text shawn to see if he's upset at me for spitting on joel. he texts me back saying everyone has my back and he left. i call him up and he says the same thing, reassuring me that joel deserved it for being a fucking prick. good. at least my best friend doesn't hate me...obviously i'd spit on him again if he did it.

whatever. lots of people had my back, and were pissed that i got kicked out because of what a shitty person joel was being.

i love my TRUE friends.



July 14th, 2006

oh joy

dad gets married on the 21st.

i've found someone who makes me smile....constantly

and i moved out of the hellhole apartment

sometimes things get better....after you've gone through the 7th circle of hell, of course

June 24th, 2006

(no subject)


that's all

(i'm getting married when i come back from nj)

June 23rd, 2006

self portrait

in nj
3 hour flight delay....

so i created this

June 18th, 2006

leavin on a jetplane

tank girl
june 22....to TECHNICALLY july 1

you can't make me come back...you just can't :/

for some reason i'm rather irked by this

:i'm not sure on my intentions, to be honest i feel wanted for the first time in god knows how long and i've been enjoying it. it sounds selfish i'm sure. i really just wanted to be your friend, not that we crossed any boundries and i don't mind sleeping next to you, but i'd understand on a strict just hanging out rule:

didn't i TELL you when you left me for her, that if she cheated on you to NOT come crying back to me. i warned you, fair and square. i was nice enough to take your call, nice enough to pay your way into the club, nice enough to drive ALL the way back to lawrence in the middle of the night because you wanted me to stay the night.



told ya so

June 13th, 2006

(no subject)

tank girl
keep your mouth shut....

that's all.

9 days, i'll be in nj...away from all this nonsense.

good good good

March 12th, 2006

I can't get you out of my head.

you're an asshole....leave my dreams alone and quit making me cry at night....

forgive me for loving you. it's pretty stupid huh?

i'll shut up and disappear again
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